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Adult Education Course
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Bullying in the workplace

In this course you will learn practical steps in tackling bullying and harassment.
You will understand what the differences are between bullying and harassment and the similarities.
You will learn how to create a positive workplace culture including how to make people feel like they can come forward about bullying.

If you’re interested in learning more about this course, reach out and we’d be happy to help.

Stress Management

This Stress Management Course will provide a toolkit of strategies to reduce stress both at home and work.
Learn how to deal with the stresses of modern-day life and how to feel better about you and your work.
This course is delivered in-house face-to-face just for your business.

Course Objectives

• Discover what Stress is, including its symptoms and how it can affect you

• Identify the causes of Stress

• Use Stress Management Strategies

• Identify the causes of, and manage Stress in the Workplace

• Develop a Stress management plan, and make stress management a habit

Conflict in the workplace

This course will allow you to better understand people's behaviour and how to manage conflict effectively. 

Poor management of workplace conflict can damage relationships, team morale and ultimately a company's bottom line. Conflict resolution techniques and strategies result in a more proactive approach to resolving which creates a better work environment. 

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